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Shalebacks are one of the many types of pets you can get while playing Conan Exiles. This is an excellent starter pet, as you will be able to find them in the Exiled Lands shortly after starting the game. They are also available on the Isle of Siptah, but getting to them is a bit hard due to their remote location. The guide below covers Shaleback locations, taming, varieties, and stats.

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Shaleback Stats and Growth

Shalebacks are a common pet at the start of the game, as you will quickly run into them as soon as you start playing on the Exiled Lands map. They are found near water, and the adults are larger animals, making them easy to spot. To get a Shaleback of your own, you will need to find a Shaleback Hatchling. These are baby animals that will be wandering around the nest and beaches where the adult animals call home. You get a hatchling two different ways. You can take an egg from a nest and wait for it to hatch. This will happen once the expiration timer runs out in your inventory. If you see a hatchling crawling around on the beach, then you can catch it and pick it up. In addition to this, some vendors will occasionally sell eggs, but they are so common that there’s no use buying them.

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Once you get a Shaleback Hatchling, you will need to place them inside an Animal Pen and feed them food to tame them. The goodwill determines which of the five Shaleback variants you get. Variant A is the most common, as no matter what food you place in the animal pen, you will have no less than a 48% chance of getting this variety. Luckily, this is an easy process so you can raise a Shaleback army in no time. The table below goes over all five varieties and their differences in stats.

Shaleback VarientArmorDamageHealthGrit Armor BonusVitality Health Bonus
Variant A4902963489
Variant B53038934117
Variant C58051234154
Variant D56045134136
Greater Shaleback1791812974082

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If you are trying to avoid Variant A to get one of the more powerful variants, then you should place Shadespiced Succulent Shellfish in your animal pen. This gives you a 24% chance of getting Variant C and a 14% chance of getting Variant D or the Great Shaleback. If you want Variant B, then you will need to place Shadespiced Highland Berries, as you can’t get this variant when feeding the Shaleback shellfish. This will give you a 14% chance at getting Variant B and a 10% chance of getting Variant C or D. Additionally, there are three varieties of DLC Shaleback you can get by getting the The Savage Frontier Pack. This DLC pack will provide you with Totemic Fodder and feeding a Shellback Hatchling. This can give you variants E, F, G, and H.

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In addition to the stats mentioned above, all Shaleback pets come with ten inventory slots. Variants A through D also have a single point in Agility and Vitality. The Greater Shaleback has better stats, with two in Strength, eight in Vitality, and three in Grit. While the Greater Shaleback has a 0 in Agility, it gets a 5% agility damage bonus and a 5% strength damage bonus to make up for it. The stats above will only increase as your pet levels up to the max cap of 20. Keep in mind that the pet must be following you and participating in combat in order to level. In addition to this, you can feed your Shaleback food, like Plant Fiber, to give it a stat boost. Please keep in mind that stat growth is left up to RNG. If you want to check on your Shalebacks stat at any time you can use the interact will to open them.

Shaleback Hatchling Exiled Lands Locations

Shaleback Hatchlings can be found around the beaches of the starting area in the Exiled Lands. There’s no exact location where these spawn, but you are guaranteed to find them along the shores of Section Three and Section Four of the map. There are several nests here, along with Shaleback Hatchlings crawling around to get you started. Be cautious, as the adult Shalebacks are hostile and will attack you on sight.

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Shaleback Hatchling the Isle of Siptah Locations

Shalebacks are harder to find on the Isle of Siptah, as they only like to spawn in a specific map tile. You will need to go to the southern islands and look in Section 6H of the map. You should see plenty of Shalebacks and Shaleback Hatchlings crawling around in this area. Some larger enemies are lurking around so be prepared for a fight.

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Shaleback Pet Locations and Uses - Conan Exiles | Gamer G... (2024)


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