How to Use Deviations (2024)

In the tutorial, you learn how to use Deviations but most people miss a step and end up without a Deviation during the final tutorial fight. After the tutorial, the first main quest has you place your territory and it comes with a free isolated securement unit. You need to put your Deviation into it and synchronize it to your Cradle to continue to use it. This step by step guide teaches you about Deviations, how to synchronize them to your Cradle, use them in combat, and capture them. There are many of these strange beings found across Nalcott and all of them possess unique abilities and use cases. Two new crossover Deviations were announced, to learn more about them take a look at "Once Human Onmyoji and Identity V Crossover" post.

Capturing Deviations

When you find a Deviation in the wild it is in a floating bubble. Before trying to capture it, take some time to check out a few statistics about it including its name, level, your capture chance, and which key to hold to try to capture it.

Secure Probability

The percent chance above its name is your capture chance. After each attempt the probability of capturing increases, but you only get 3-5 attempts before your target escapes. If it gets away don't worry, there are plenty of opportunities to catch all the Deviations.


Your equipped gloves give you a higher Deviation capture chance. You get a high capture chance of Deviations equal or lower than your tier of gloves. For example, tier three gloves give you a high chance to capture level three or lower Deviations. They also give you guaranteed chance of success when capturing level one Deviations.

In the endgame with tier 5 gloves equipped you have a high chance at capturing all tiers of Deviations. Along with a guaranteed chance to capture level three and lower.

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A Deviation's level ranges from 1-5, the level effects the skill and activity rating. The higher skill level increases its proficiency when it uses its unique ability. The higher the activity rating the more energetic it is and it recharges faster.

When you find a Deviation you like in the open world, then pin the location on the map and return back for a chance to get another one at a higher level.

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Deviation Types

The three types of Deviations are combat, territory, and gadget. Check the top right of a Deviation's tooltip to see it's type.

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Combat Deviations

These synchronize to your Cradle and go with you while exploring. They have offensive and/or defensive abilities to aid you in combat. You can have them auto attack enemies around you, build defenses to hide behind, heal you during combat, or mark enemies to make them vulnerable to attacks.

Territory Deviations

Using territory Deviations helps with the material gathering grind. They go around, even when you're offline, and collect materials like ores, wood, rare crystals, and even basic materials. Territory Deviations also buff the food you cook, or increase the output of your generators or solar panels. You can only have a limited number of these active at your base.

Gadget Deviations

Deviations with the gadget tag produce materials while in the isolated securement unit. These materials make unique items and elixirs for you to use. Some examples are Frog the Leaper makes materials used to craft fishing bait and materials for an elixir called spring legs. Spring legs makes you jump higher. Another popular one is the Space Turner which gives you materials to make a Space Twister. When in a party, you can activate the Space Twister to send all party members a request for them to teleport to your location. You can use this to call in backup to help clear a town, or help your friends get to teleport towers or towns that you already have access too.

Isolated Securement Unit

When you first build your base, after the tutorial, it comes with a Isolated Securement Unit. To build more, press B to enter build mode. Then right click to see the build menu and go to facilities tab. Inside the facilities tab go to the functional buildings section and it is in the special buildings section. Territory and gadget Deviations don't synchronize to your Cradle. They work in the isolated securement unit automatically.

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Once you place a combat Deviation into the isolated securement unit you can synchronize them to your Cradle to use them in combat. The Cradle is your backpack and holds the Deviation while it isn't in use or while recharging after use. To get a combat Deviation into your Cradle walk up to the isolated securement unit and press F to use the facility, then right click on the one you want to place inside. After placing it inside the isolated securement unit press F to look inside and see more info about the Deviation, their skills, and access the "Synchronize to Cradle" button. When you press the "Synchronize to Cradle" button it places the Deviation into your Cradle which can then fight along side you.

WARNING: You have the option to press G to withdraw the Deviation, but this is not putting it in your Cradle for use, this is removing it from the isolated securement unit to make room for another one. Many players in the tutorial mistakenly removed their Deviation thinking they were putting it in their Cradle by withdrawing it.

Deviation Traits

Inside the isolated securement unit each Deviation has specific environmental requirements to make them happy.

The Disco Ball Deviation prefers when it's surrounded in green, blue, and red light. Other Deviations want cold or hot rooms, electricity, music, or other decorations.

You don't have to meet their environmental preferences to use Deviations. But if you do, they recover deviant power faster and are more efficient. Most importantly, it makes your Deviations happy and who wouldn't want their Deviations to be happy.

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Also if you need to recover deviant power quickly you can look inside the isolated securement unit and replenish the deviant power with their activity score. You have to be at your base to do this, while exploring they only recharge in the Cradle.

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Using your Deviation

With a combat Deviation in your cradle you can use its abilities to aid you in combat. You should see your deviation next to your weapons in the bottom right. You can hold E to see its available actions.

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After holding E you see three actions, drag your mouse in the direction of the action you want to do. For example with Festering Gel you can do the following:

  • Flawless Fortification
    • Throw the Festering Gel at a location where it then forms into a barrier that heals players around it and knockbacks enemies on impact.
  • Build Fortification
    • Builds the fortification near your location to hide behind and heals players near it.
  • Recovering Securement Progress
    • Puts the Deviation back into the cradle to recover deviant power so it can be used again.
    • Can be pulled back early if you no long need it and don't want to drain its power to zero.
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Once Human | Deviation Approaching Trailer

How to Use Deviations Recap

Deviation capture chance is based on your equipped gloves. Once captured you place them in a isolated securement unit by pressing F and right clicking the one you want to go inside. Then you press F again and synchronize it to your Cradle if it is a combat Deviation. Territory and gadget Deviations automatically work when placed in the isolated securement unit. They either buff your base or produce materials for consumables. To use combat Deviations hold E and use your mouse to decide which action you want.

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How to Use Deviations (11)
How to Use Deviations (2024)


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