Friends: 10 Most Memorable Scenes In Central Perk (2024)

Central Perk,clearly a reference to NYC's iconic Central Park, is located in Greenwich Village, and is the preferred hangout zone for theFriends. This is likely due to the ease of access from their apartments, because there's no way any of them would willingly travel any further than that for a cup of coffee.

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Managed by the oft-sidelined Gunther, Central Perk's interiors have changed very little over the course of the show. The six of them almost exclusively occupy the large beige-brown sofa and the pair of chairs that accompany it. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the major events that occur in the story take place in this cafe, including the very first scene of the pilot.

"Someone Ate The Only Good Thing In My Life"

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At the cafe, Ross is dejected because his workplace sandwich had been stolen and eaten, which isn't a big deal, really, except that it's his "Thanksgiving leftover sandwich".

Chandler tries to calm him down, but he angrily responds, saying that he is "thirty years old... about to be divorced twice... and just got evicted", so the "sandwich was the only good thing going on in [his] life." Monica gets tired of her brother's moaning, and promises to give him her own.

Joey's "Air Quotes"

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Ross is furious at Joey because he mistakenly asks Rachel to marry him, and they have their face-off at the coffeeshop. The former says that he "“accidentally”picked up [his] grandmother's ring and“accidentally” proposed...", when his friend admits that he doesn't know what air quotes refer to.

However, when Ross exhibits his sadness that Joey hadn't evenacknowledged what had happened, the latter apologizes using air quotes. After being told that he isn't "using it right", he brings his hands closer together and whispers the words.

Zanshin Vs. Unagi

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Ross tells Rachel and Phoebe (who had just taken their first self-defense class) that he had "studied karate for a long time", and refers to a supposed concept known as Unagi.


Rachel immediately doubts this, and asks if it's "a kind of sushi". She's right, of course, but Ross getshurt, so they are forced to accede to his incorrect nonsense. What he's referring to is Zanshin, a Japanese term that alludes to a mental state involving permanent, but unconscious, alertness.

The Pilot

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As the gang sit on their favorite couch and discuss Monica's dating habits, a woman in a wedding gown, completely drenched in the rain, appears at Central Perk. She then starts talking about her recent life, revealing that she had run away from her own wedding because her to-be husband, Barry, looks like "a Mr. Potato Head".

Rachel's introduction is certainly one of the most iconic moments in TV history, not just because of its anecdotal impact, but because it ignited the spark that would soon turn into a pop culture inferno.

Ross Calls Rachel His Lobster

Friends: 10 Most Memorable Scenes In Central Perk (5)

Phoebe tells Ross that he and Rachel are going to end up together because "she's [his] lobster", and that the crustaceans mate for life. He then repeats the same words toherat the cafe, but she is utterly confused by his meaning.

Ross' elucidation makes it worse, and asking Phoebe to elaborate doesn't work out for unsurprising reasons. The moment is quite sad, because Rachel tells him to "accept" the fact that they aren't good for each other. Thankfully, the episode ends with them (tentatively) back together.

Phoebe's Smelly Cat

Friends: 10 Most Memorable Scenes In Central Perk (6)

Phoebe states that she's going to sing a lullaby to her bemused audience, and begins singing herclassic "Smelly Cat", all about the stinky feline.

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While she's done it before, the best performance occurs at the coffeehouse, when all the friends (except Ross) are given one line each to perform. It culminates with everyone joining in with the chorus, especially Chandler and Joey's enthusiastic addition. One of the warmest, fuzziest feelings this show has ever provided.

The One With The Flashback

Friends: 10 Most Memorable Scenes In Central Perk (7)

Although this episode doesn't exactly involve Central Perk, it takes place when the haunt was originally a bar, around one year prior to the start of the series. Chandler is excited to learn about his new potential roommate, Eric, until Mr. Heckles ruins his plans, forcing him to grudgingly take Joey in (until they start finding out how much they have in common.)

Phoebe discovers that Ross' wife, Carol, is gay, which then turns into a sexual encounter; it's interrupted by a few well-timed mishaps. At the conclusion, it's shown that Rachel really did want to hook up with Chandler, after all.

When ChandlerWears Glasses

Friends: 10 Most Memorable Scenes In Central Perk (8)

Chandler appears in the cafe with anewpair of glasses, and wants to know his friends' opinions. They are confused, because they had apparently assumed that he had always worn glasses (something about his face, perhaps?)

Chandler isunderstandably vexed, but Monica assures him that they look good on him, and that she knew it was his first time putting glasses on. When he turns away, though, she gestures towards the others with a bewildered look on her face.

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock & Crap Bag

Friends: 10 Most Memorable Scenes In Central Perk (9)

Phoebe tells her friends that she's currently going by the name Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, completely oblivious to the innuendo her last name implies. Her husband then decides that he wants to change his name to Crap Bag, which she tolerates because she thinks it's what he wants.

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However, when Phoebe is forced to introduce Mike to one of her clients, she gets his point, and agrees to retain her name (with one change: Buffay-Hannigan.) This is also when she finds out that a banana hammock is a speedo.

Ross And Rachel Kiss

Friends: 10 Most Memorable Scenes In Central Perk (10)

Ross comes to meet Rachel at Central Perk, where she works, late at night. They have a fight about the other person not telling each other that they liked them, and both of them begin listing inane excuses as to why they never admitted their feelings.

He leaves in a huff, but then returns and stares at her through the glass.She slowly walks up to him and opens the door (albeit with some sitcom difficulty). Ross takesRachelin his arms — the first time these two kiss on screen.


Friends: 10 Most Memorable Scenes In Central Perk (2024)


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