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Nominations for the 2024 Best of TV Awards have been announced. The nominees honor the best television programs that aired between June 2023 and June 2024 (due to the industry strikes halting production in 2023).

ABC is the most nominated network with an impressive 38 nominations. Here is the breakdown of nominations by network: (nomination tallies include nominations for legacy awards and the classic TV awards).

ABC: 38
CBS: 35
NBC: 34
Gen-TV: 29
Syndication- 11
CW- 7
WB- 6
HBO- 4
MTV- 4
Apple TV+- 3
Bravo- 3
Peaco*ck- 2
Disney Channel- 2
Showtime- 1
Paramount Plus- 1
Teen Nick/The N- 1
UPN- 1
Nickelodeon- 1
Direct TV/101- 1
Netflix- 0
Max- 0

And The Nominees ARE:

Outstanding Drama Series:
Taken- YTN
Virus- YTN

Gone- Gen-TV

Grey’s Anatomy-ABC
All American-CW
Quantum Leap- NBC
Spy Stories- Gen-TV

Outstanding Comedy Series:
The Bear-FX
Full Time Mom- YTN
The Agency- YTN
The Hughes Family-YTN
Amazing Grace- Gen-TV
Kate & Ali- Gen-TV
Ball & Jayne-Gen-TV

Abbott Elementary- ABC
Ted Lasso- Apple TV+
Only Murders In The Building-Hulu
The Neighborhood- CBS
Lopez Vs. Lopez-NBC

Outstanding Reality or Documentary Series:
Late for Love-Gen-TV
Looking for Love-YTN
The Neighborhood-YTN

The Bachelor-ABC
The Challenge: All Stars- Paramount Plus
Rupaul’s Drag Race: MTV
Top Chef-Bravo
The Amazing Race-CBS
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Bravo
Vanderpump Rules-Bravo
Undercover Mom- Gen-TV
Game Changers-Gen-TV

Outstanding Talk or News Shows:
20/20- ABC
60 Minutes- CBS
48 Hours- CBS
Late Night with Seth Meyers- NBC
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver- HBO
The Problem with Jon Stewart- Apple TV+

Outstanding Female Performance:
Selma Blair- For The Commonwealth-Gen-TV
Sarah Michelle Gellar-Personal Injury- Gen-TV

Quinta Brunson- Abbott Elementary- ABC
Charlotte Ross- Sisters- Gen-TV
Maura West- Sisters- Gen-TV
Sherry Stringfield- Sisters- Gen-TV

Jean Smart-Hacks- HBO
Melissa Rauch-Night Court-NBC
Megan Mullally-Ball & Jayne- Gen-TV
Beth Behrs-The Neighborhood- CBS
Tichina Arnold- The Neighborhood- CBS
Janelle James- Abbott Elementary- ABC

Outstanding Male Performance:
Jeremy Allen White- The Bear- Hulu
Jason Sudeikis- Ted Lasso- Apple TV+
Rider Strong-Baker’s Dozen-Gen-TV
Mark Paul Gosselaar- In The Family- Gen-TV
Tom Ellis-Malignancy- Gen-TV
Chris Diamantopoulos- Sisters- Gen-TV
Keegan Michael Key- Kate & Ali- Gen-TV
Nick Offerman- Ball & Jayne- Gen-TV
Jimmy Smits- In God’s Shoes- Gen-TV

Outstanding Daytime Drama:
Promise of Tomorrow- Gen-TV
The Young & Restless- CBS
General Hospital- ABC
Neighbours- Amazon Freevee
The Bold & Beautiful- CBS
Days of Our Lives- Peaco*ck

Outstanding Daytime Talk Show:
The Kelly Clarkson Show- Syndicated
Live with Kelly and Mark- Syndicated
The Talk- CBS
The View- ABC
Entertainment Tonight- Syndicated
Access Hollywood- Syndicated

Outstanding Reality or Talk Show Host:
Kelly Clarkson- The Kelly Clarkson Show- Syndicated
Jeff Probst- Survivor- CBS
Kristen Kish, Tom Collichio, Gail Simmons- Top Chef- Bravo
Rupaul- Rupaul’s Drag Race- MTV
Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos- Live with Kelly and Mark- Syndicated
Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Alyssa Farrah Griffin, Anna Navarro, Sunny Hostin---The View-ABC
Tamron Hall- The Tamron Hall Show- Syndicated
Kevin Jonas, Franklin Joans- Claim To Fame- ABC

Outstanding New Series:
Taken: Most Wanted- YTN
CIA Files: National Security- YTN
For The Commonwealth- Gen-TV
Wanda On Air- Gen-TV
Amazing Grace- Gen-TV

Elsbeth- CBS
Tracker- CBS
We Are Family- Fox
Found- NBC

Legacy Award: (presented to a series or individual person whose contribution to TV has been extraordinary and groundbreaking; can be a current series or past. A living or deceased person.)
Taken- YTN
Virus- YTN
Kate & Ali- Gen-TV
John Wells
Aaron Sorkin
Lifetime Television
Will & Grace
Life Goes On
Diedre Hall
Queer as Folk (US, Showtime Version)

Classic TV Awards:

Favorite TV Sitcom:
Family Ties- NBC
Friends- NBC
Boyfriends- Gen-TV
Modern Family- ABC
Maude- CBS
Reba- The WB/CW
Married with Children- FOX
Home Improvement- ABC

Favorite TV Drama:
Dallas- CBS
Party of Five- FOX
The X-Files- FOX
The Border Police- Gen-TV
Abducted- Gen-TV
Friday Night Lights- NBC/Direct TV
7th Heaven- The WB/CW
Baywatch- NBC/Syndication

Favorite TV Couple:
Luke Spencer & Laura Baldwin Spencer- General Hospital- ABC
Paul & Jamie Buchman- Mad About You- NBC
Ross Gellar & Rachel Green- Friends- NBC
Maddie Hayes and David Addison- Moonlighting- ABC
Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay- Beverly Hills, 90210-FOX
Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey- Grey’s Anatomy- ABC
Valene Ewing and Gary Ewing- Knot’s Landing- CBS

Favorite Teen or Kid’s Show:
Saved By The Bell- NBC
Growing Pains- ABC
Glee- Fox
Degrassi: The Next Generation- The N/Teen Nick
Head of The Class- ABC
JoJo’s Circus- Disney Channel
That’s Sow Raven- Disney Channel
All That- Nickelodeon
Doogie Howser, MD- ABC
Favorite TV Mom:
Peggy Bundy- Married with Children- FOX
Claire Dunphy- Modern Family- ABC
Roseanne Conner- Roseanne- ABC
Claire Huxtable- The Cosby Show- NBC
Marion Cunningham- Happy Days- ABC
Sophia Petrillo- The Golden Girls- NBC
Allie Lowell- Kate & Allie- CBS
Reba Hart- Reba- WB/CW
Bree Van De Camp- Desperate Housewives- ABC

Favorite TV Dad:
Phil Dunphy- Modern Family- ABC
Ray Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond- CBS
Dr. Harry Weston- Empty Nest- CBS
Ward Cleaver- Leave it To Beaver- CBS
Steven Keaton- Family Ties- NBC

Favorite Workplace Series:
Murphy Brown- CBS
The Office- NBC
30 Rock- NBC
Cheers- NBC
Designing Women- CBS
Barney Miller- ABC
Who’s The Boss- ABC
Mash- CBS
The Newsroom- HBO
The West Wing- NBC
Favorite TV Soap:
Dallas- CBS
All My Children- ABC
Knot’s Landing- CBS
Desperate Housewives- ABC
Melrose Place- FOX
Dynasty- ABC
Another World- NBC
Guiding Light- CBS
The Young & Restless- CBS
One Life to Live- ABC
General Hospital- ABC

Favorite Soap Actress:
Susan Lucci, All My Children, ABC
Donna Mills, Knot’s Landing, CBS
Deidre Hall, Days of our lives, NBC/Peaco*ck
Joan Collins, Dynasty, ABC
Heather Locklear, Melrose Place, FOX
Kim Zimmer, Guiding Light, CBS
Martha Byrne, As the World Turns, CBS
Vanessa Marcil, General Hospital, ABC
Terri Hatcher, Desperate Housewives, ABC

Favorite Soap Actor:
Eric Breaden, the Young & Restless, CBS
Anthony Geary, General Hospital, ABC
Grant Show, Melrose Place, FOX
John Forsythe, Dynasty, ABC
Charles Keating, Another World, NBC
Larry Hagman, Dallas, CBS

Favorite Medical Show:
St. Elsewhere- NBC
The Resident- FOX
House- FOX
Grey’s Anatomy- ABC
Chicago Hope- CBS
Scrubs- NBC
Empty Nest- NBC
Chicago Med- NBC

Favorite Science Fiction, Supernatural or Fantasy Show:
Charmed- WB/CW
Game of Thrones- HBO
Out of This World- Syndication
Supernatural- WB/CW
The X-Files- FOX
Doctor Who- BBC
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch- ABC/WB
Riverdale- CW
Xena: Warrior Princess- Syndication
American Horror Story- FX

Favorite TV Action Show:
MacGyver- ABC
The A-Team- NBC
Miami Vice- NBC
Baywatch- NBC/Syndication
CSI: Miami- CBS

Favorite Cop or Legal Show:
The Good Wife, CBS
Miami Vice, NBC
Hill Street Blues, NBC
Law & Order, NBC
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NBC
Murder One, ABC
True Detective, HBO

Favorite Retro Reality Show:
America’s Next Top Model, UPN/CW
The Real World, MTV
America’s Most Wanted, FOX
Cops, FOX
Average Joe, NBC
Joe Millionaire, FOX
American Idol, FOX

Create A Network Part 6 - Page 40 - Sitcoms Online Message Boards (2024)


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