ARK: Survival Evolved – Modding Tutorial + Random Configuration (2024)

ARK: Survival Evolved – Modding Tutorial + Random Configuration (1)

Information about the mod Random Configs.

Random Configs aims to add all kinds of configs that could or should have been vanilla, but does so without adding or remapping any new items, structures, or creatures. Due to this, nearly all configs are compatible with other mods, and removing this mod does not delete any of your items, structures, or creatures.

One thing to keep in mind is that all these configs have a default state of ‘doing nothing’. Put the configs you want in your GameUserSettings.ini file, and configs you don’t want, just don’t touch those at all. – []

The Stat Cap is a function made to prevent players from having highly overpowered creatures, without having them being deleted like vanilla’s DestroyTamesOverLevelClamp config.


Any stat that has more points than what you put in the config will be nerfed to that value. For example, use StatCap=100, and an Oxygen stat with 112 points will lose 12 points. If Mutagen is used to exceed the Stat cap, then the stats will be nerfed down again the next server restart.

Having a stat exceed 255 will cause a ‘rollover’, where 256 is subtracted. 260 for example becomes 4. The Stat Cap cannot prevent this, nor can a mod be made to increase this maximum value. Also, having 255 points in a stat causes you to not be able to level it with XP anymore, therefore I would recommend at least using StatCap=254.

The Stat Cap only affects the wild stat points, not the ones you put in yourself with XP. In the example with StatCap=100, if you have that Oxygen stat with 100 points, you can still level it yourself with XP.

Here are some configs all related to breeding, such as mutatons and twins.

  • MutationRolls, ranging from 0 to 255. Sets how many attempts a dino has at getting a mutation. In vanilla this is 3. Setting this to 0 makes you unable to get mutations. The S+ Mutator overrides this value, and should restore it after that buff ends.
  • MutationChance, ranging from 0.0 to 1.0. Sets the chance a mutation roll gives a mutation. In vanilla this is 0.025, or 2.5%. Setting this to 1.0 guarantees mutations. Setting this to 0 makes you unable to get mutations. The S+ Mutator overrides this value, and should restore it after that buff ends.
  • MutationPoints, ranging from 0 to 255. Sets the amount of points a stat increases with per mutation. In vanilla this is 2. Setting this to 0 makes you still able to get mutations but they will only affect colours, not stats.
  • MutationCap, ranging from 0 to 1000000. Sets the mutation cap dinos have, which defaults to 20.
  • ClearMutations, if set to True, automatically sets the mutation count of your dinos to 0, giving you the ability to have infinite mutations. The NAT feature of Dino Storage v2 will trigger before this mod, so you can then still see if you got new mutations or not.
  • TwinsChance and TripletsChance, both ranging from 0.0 to 1.0. Sets the chance for twins or triplets. In vanilla this is 0.1 for twins, and 0.02 for triplets. Setting this to 0 prevents getting twins/triplets.
  • MatingRangeMultiplier, ranging from 0.1 to 10.0. Applies a multiplier to the distance dinos can breed from. When using values lower than 1.0, the end result may not always be as low as it should be because there a minimum range each dino has that we can’t go under.

Some simple configs, these allow you to learn the engrams of their respective DLC on the server you’re on.


These configs cannot be used to disable engram groups, only to enable them.

Please note that it is best to not use these configs on Lost Island. That map has done something weird to the engram flag it has, causing in some situations you to be unable to learn the non-DLC engrams on it. It should be fixed in most cases, and I only encountered it anymore after disabling GCM. Luckily, Lost Island already allows all engram groups, thus these configs aren’t needed there anyway.

Here are configs to change the costs of the Cloning Chamber and using Mutagen.

  • CloneBaseCostMultiplier, from 0 to 1000. This is for the base cloning cost creatures have. Setting this to 2 makes it twice as expensive for example. Setting this to 0 results in a base cost of 1 Element Shard.
  • ClonePerLevelCostMultiplier, from 0 to 1000. This is for the cloning cost added per level of the creature. Setting this to 2 makes it twice as expensive for example. Setting this to 0 removes the additional cost per level.
  • MutagenCostMultiplier, from 0.001 to 1000. This is for the mutagen cost to increase the stats of your tames. It cannot be set to 0 to make it free, due to the way Mutagen costs are calculated.
  • MinimumMutagenCost, from 1 to 1000000. Sets what the minimum mutagen cost is.
  • MaximumMutagenCost, from 1 to 1000000. Sets what the maximum mutagen cost is.

If MinimumMutagenCost is bigger than MaximumMutagenCost, then the maximum will be increased to the minimum’s value.

Clone and Mutagen costs cannot be made free. Cloning Chambers will softlock, as their duration is based off of the cost, and Mutagen reads ‘0’ as “Mutagen not allowed”.

Configs to set what Tekgrams should be unlocked on bosses, alpha variants, and mission bosses.

[RandomConfigs]BossArenaTimeMultiplier=1.0BossArenaCooldownMultiplier=1.0RemoveOriginalTekgrams=FalseFixHomesteadTekgrams=FalseAdditionalTekgrams<boss name>=
  • BossArenaTimeMultiplier, from 0.1 to 10. Sets how much time you have in boss arenas.
  • BossArenaCooldownMultiplier, from 0.01 to 100. Sets the cooldown between boss fights. Works with Extinction’s Titans.
  • RemoveOriginalTekgrams. Removes the Tekgrams a boss has.
  • FixHomesteadTekgrams. Adds Tekgrams that bosses on story maps got with the Homestead update, but those on free DLCs like The Center did not. These Tekgrams are listed below. As expected, the Tekgrams are also added to the higher difficulties. This config is applied after RemoveOriginalTekgrams has been applied.
  • Gamma Broodmother: Tek Triangle Foundation, Tek Triangle Ceiling, Tek Triangle Roof.
  • Beta Dragon: Tek Dedicated Storage, Tek Fence Supports, Tek Stairs, Tek Double Doorframe, Tek Double Door.
  • Beta Manticore: Tapejara Tek Saddle, Tek Dedicated Storage, Tek Shield.
  • Alpha Manticore: Tek Teleporter, Tek Cloning Chamber, Tek Forcefield.
  • AdditionalTekgrams. A more complicated config, partially because it is actually multiple configs. These configs can be used to give extra Tekgrams to bosses. The names of the config are first AdditionalTekgrams, followed be the boss name, such as AdditionalTekgramsBroodmotherBeta. An Example and a list of all accepted boss names are listed below. This config is applied after RemoveOriginalTekgrams has been applied. If you encounter a boss not working, please report so.

This example would add the Tek Sleeping Pod, Rock Drake Tek Saddle, and Tek Railgun to Beta and Alpha Broodmother, but not to Gamma Broodmother, Valguero’s Broodmother, or the Genesis gauntlet Broodmother.


  • BroodmotherGamma
  • BroodmotherBeta
  • BroodmotherAlpha
  • BroodmotherValguero
  • MegapithecusGamma
  • MegapithecusBeta
  • MegapithecusAlpha
  • DragonGamma
  • DragonBeta
  • DragonAlpha
  • OverseerGamma
  • OverseerBeta
  • OverseerAlpha
  • ManticoreGamma
  • ManticoreBeta
  • ManticoreAlpha
  • RockwellGamma
  • RockwellBeta
  • RockwellAlpha
  • ForestTitan
  • IceTitan
  • DesertTitan
  • KingTitanGamma
  • KingTitanBeta
  • KingTitanAlpha
  • MoederGamma
  • MoederBeta
  • MoederAlpha
  • MasterControllerGamma
  • MasterControllerBeta
  • MasterControllerAlpha
  • RockwellPrimeGamma
  • RockwellPrimeBeta
  • RockwellPrimeAlpha
  • IcewormQueen
  • LavaGolem
  • CrystalWyvernQueenGamma
  • CrystalWyvernQueenBeta
  • CrystalWyvernQueenAlpha
  • DinopithecusKingGamma
  • DinopithecusKingBeta
  • DinopithecusKingAlpha

Alpha Variants

  • AlphaRaptor
  • AlphaCarnotaurus
  • AlphaRex
  • AlphaMegalodon
  • AlphaMosasaurus
  • AlphaTusoteuthis
  • AlphaLeedsichthys
  • AlphaFireWyvern
  • AlphaDeathworm
  • AlphaKarkinos
  • AlphaBasilisk
  • AlphaSurfaceReaperKing
  • EnragedTriceratops
  • EnragedCorruptedRex
  • AlphaBloodCrystalWyvern

Genesis: Part 1 Gauntlets

  • BroodmotherMission – Bog Beatdown
  • MegapithecusMission – Built Fjord Tough
  • BruteFireWyvern – Magma Medley Melee
  • ReaperQueenMission – Gamma TEKnological Terrors
  • MalfunctionedTekGiganotosaurusGauntlet – Beta/Alpha TEKnological Terrors

Genesis: Part 1 Hunts

  • BruteBloodstalker – Web Search
  • BruteRaptor – Cheaper by the Pack
  • BruteSarcosuchus – Swamp Placid
  • BruteSpinosaurus – Spy Vs Spino
  • BruteFerox – Hyde and Seek
  • BruteMammoth – Mammoths on Parade
  • BruteMegaloceros – Deer-ly Departed
  • BruteYutyrannus – Ruffle Some Feathers
  • BruteLeedsichthys – Chasing the White Whale
  • BruteMosasaurus – The Mosa Proposal
  • BrutePlesiosaur – Loch’d and Loaded
  • BruteTusoteuthis – Who Hid the Squid?
  • BruteAllosaurus – Allo and Goodbye
  • BruteMagmasaur – Hunt in the Heat
  • BruteRex – Kingslayer
  • BruteRockElemental – We Will Rock You
  • BruteAstrocetus – A Captain’s conquest
  • BruteMalfunctionedTekGiganotosaurusHunt – Hunting by Moonlight
  • BruteReaperKing – It’s a Bug Hunt
  • BruteMalfunctionedTekRex – King of the Moon

Genesis: Part 2 Missions

  • MacroSummoner – Choose Your Own Adventure
  • DodoRexMission – Survive the ARK
  • MekKnight – Life Support
  • ExperimentalGiganotosaurus – Code Red
  • CorruptedMasterControllerMissionGamma – Gamma Star Dolphin
  • CorruptedMasterControllerMissionBeta – Beta Star Dolphin
  • CorruptedMasterControllerMissionAlpha – Alpha Star Dolphin


  • DodoRexEvent

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about ARK: Survival Evolved – Modding Tutorial + Random Configuration; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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ARK: Survival Evolved – Modding Tutorial + Random Configuration (2024)


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