An Analysis of TV OTT Platforms (2024)

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An Analysis of TV OTT Platforms

I was doing some research on finding a cheaper TV package and checking out all the OTT platforms that are available and I thought I would share my research in case it may help any of you looking to switch to a OTT platform. I spent time looking at Direct TV Stream, Sling, Hulu and You Tube.

I've focused mainly on the Sports Channels for this board, but since I did the research, I'll throw in the family stuff too since if you are like me, my wife and kid have a say.
I also focused on the lowest and second lowest tiers.

Let me add that all platforms have HGTV & Food Network on the lowest tier.

DirectTV Stream:
3 Tiers
Entertainment $70: Includes ESPN/2, FS1, NBC Golf, TNT, TBS, USA

Choice $90: Includes Entertainment (above) and adds ESPN U/News, ACC Net, SEC Net

Ultimate $105: Includes Entertainment & Choice and adds CBS SN & FS2

Family channels on both tiers: Disney/jr./XD, Cartoon Network, Nick and Nick Jr.

Stream 3 devices at a time outside home network. (20 streams within the home)

Sling TV
Two packages: Orange and Blue. Both now come with 10 hrs of DVR storage for free. Can purchase additional storage.

Orange Pro's:
Can add $11/month sports package for NBA, SECN/SECN+, Pac12, ESPN U/News, NHL, BeIN sports, ACCN, Longhorn.

Family: Disney, Cartoon Network and Nick Jr.

Orange Cons:
Only can stream 1 device at a time.
No Fox sports or CBS SN.

Blue Pros:
FS1, TNT, TBS, USA, NFL Network.
Can add $11/month sport package containing: FS2, Redzone, NBA, NHL, BeIN Sports, Pac 12, NBC Golf and Big10 Network

Family: Nick Jr., Cartoon Network, USA.
Can add $6 package for Nicktoons, Teen Nick, Boomerang.
Can add $6 package for Hallmark channels, Cooking, DIY.

Can stream 3 devices at a time.

Blue Cons:
No ESPN channels or CBSSN
No Disney channels

You can purchase Orange and Blue together for $55/month. HOWEVER, even though you'll have 4 devices you can stream at the same time (With combined packages), you are still are only allow 1 device at a time with the Orange channels).
Sports Extra package is $15/month.

Hulu TV:



Family: Disney/jr./XD, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, TCM, TBS/TNT/USA.
Access to Hulu Library of shows.

Can only stream 2 devices at a time.

YouTube TV:



6 accounts per household, but can only stream 3 devices at a time.
Stream Live TV of Local Major Networks...not On Demand as others.

Family: Disney/jr./XD, USA, Food, HGTV, TLC.

Need a different account to stream on other TV's?


Pro $70/month. Elite $80/month. Ultimate $100/Month


Roku available
FS1/2/RSN's, NBCSN, BTN, CBSSN, BeIN Sports (10 channels), Tennis Channel, Fox Soccer+, NBA, NBC Golf, NFL Network, NFL Redzone, PAC12 Networks, Misc sports channels (Eleven Sports, FUBO TV Net, Football (soccer) Rpt TV), TNT, TBS, USA & TruTV (for March Madness).
Stadium added to the Extra package

Regular channels: History, USA, Bravo, FX, Hallmark, Hallmark Movies, SyFy, HGTV, Food Network

Family tier allows 3 Devices at a time. Elite tier allows 5 Devices at a time.

Price increase that added DVR and extra streaming device.

Plus $60/month. Premium $80/month.

95 channels with ESPN channels, FS 1&2, Pac 12 Network, SECN, ACCN, Stadium, NFL network, Longhorn, BTN, BeIn and regional Pac12 Networks. (No CBSSN)

Available on Roku, Apple App, Google Play, Amazon Fire Tv, Android TV and website.

Can stream on 3 devices at once.

No DVR. However, they state they allow a 24 hour playback on many channels and VOD of shows.

For those who want OTT packages without sports channels.
(Could be a bigger trend for some as watching games via OTA, a via digital conference network or another platform like Stadium and ESPN+ is enough to get their sports fix).


$25 gets you 65 channels.
DVR is unlimited shows will held for a year.
Stream 3 Devices at a time
On Roku, iOS, Android, Apple TV and Fire.

Courtesy of TerpsNPhoenix:
Links show list of devices that will work or each product as well as channel comparison by each OTT platform.

Courtesy of Solohawks: He has a slimmed down Excel sheet of the channels by platform you can PM Solohawks to get his version.

AssyrianDuke was kind enough to find a website that provide a rundown of all channels on various OTT platforms.

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An Analysis of TV OTT Platforms (2024)


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