10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (2024)

“P as in Phoebe, H as in Heebe, O as in Obiee, E as in Eebie, B as in Beebie, E as in Ello-there-mate!” Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow, appeared in every episode of Friends as fan-favorite, Phoebe Buffay. Kudrow's performance gave way to some of the show's unforgettable moments. Reacting to Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica's (Courteney Cox) relationship. Learning to ride a bike… run for that matter. Singing just about everywhere. The character undoubtedly lives in the minds of many and these episodes are the essence of Phoebe!

Creators Martha Kaufman and David Crane, along with a tremendous writing team, brought to life a character unlike the rest of the characters. Besides Joey (Matt Le Blanc), who has a generous benefactor, the Friends characters are all middle class, or come from the upper class. Phoebe represents the street tough, rigid yet delicate, kooky one that showed audiences it’s okay to do things a different way, that maybe being a little off is at least more fun anyway.

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Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, and Phoebe Buffay are six twenty-somethings living in New York City. Over 10 years and seasons, these friends go through life lessons, family, love, drama, friendship, and comedy.

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September 22, 1994
Jennifer Aniston , Courteney Cox , Lisa Kudrow , Matt LeBlanc , Matthew Perry , David Schwimmer

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10 "The One Where Eddie Movies In"

Season 2, Episode 17

10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (2)

The second season running gag was a song that Phoebe wrote after being fired from playing at the coffee house. Later in the season, she is offered a potential record deal with an album and music video for “Smelly Cat.”

“Smelly Cat” remains one of the show's most memorable moments. Kudrow started learning how to play the guitar for the show, though she was not a fan of the instrument. Only knowing a few chords, she quit, leading to other songs such as “Sticky Shoes.”

9 “The One With Princess Consuela”

Season 10, Episode 14

Phoebe’s relationship with Mike (Paul Rudd) came towards the end of the series with ups and downs along the way. After the two get married, Phoebe learns she has the power to change her name to anything that she wants thanks to a DMV attendant. She doesn’t spend long contemplating before she comes back to Mike with the name Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

Phoebe follows her impulses, sometimes to her detriment, as she acts quickly with emotion. Mike truly is the one for Phoebe, since he knows how to play her game. Out of protest about the name change, Mike decides to be called "Crap Bag," forcing Phoebe to introduce him to others as such. Phoebe finally concedes once learning what her name actually means.

8 “The One Where They’re Up All Night”

Season 7, Episode 12

10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (4)

After Ross (David Schwimmer) makes everyone wait up to see a comet, the episode diverges into the nights each character spends. For Phoebe, she wakes up to a chirping fire alarm. Unable to get the horrendous beeping to stop, she tries everything she can, eventually leading her to throw the alarm down the trash shoot.

Phoebe's pleading and irritation at the alarm gets funnier the more angry she gets. The writing is perfect as the character snaps back with witty comments to the alarm. Her entire body fumes as would anyone in the situation. In the end, it's a no-win for her as she is thwarted by the alarm once more to get the last laugh when it is returned by a firefighter.

7 “The One Hundredth”

Season 5, Episode 3

10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (5)

For the hundredth episode of the series, Phoebe’s time pregnant as a surrogate for her brother, Frank, came to an end. Phoebe is ready to have Frank (Giovanni Ribisi) and Alice’s (Debra Jo Rupp) baby as the gang surrounds her with care. Phoebe is sweet, and she would do anything for the people she loves, which is why watching her in this episode makes you want to do anything for her.

The triplet storyline came about when Kudrow was pregnant at the same time. She had been pregnant during filming with her first son, which is how the plot line came into the series. Though Phoebe did not give birth until the fifth season, Kudrow gave birth at the end of the fourth season when the last episode aired.

6 “The One With Two Parts”

Season 1, Episode 16 and 17

10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (6)

An episode of immense lore comes in the first season when we find out about Phoebe's twin sister Ursula. Also played by Lisa Kudrow, Ursula shows up multiple times throughout the series, but the real first introduction is when Joey catches a crush on her.

The two-part episode gives insight into the chaotic upbringing of Phoebe. Ursula is the complete opposite of Phoebe, with deadpan expressions and a dark sense of humor. Scenes come to life when she bounces back and forth with herself. The episode makes us understand Phoebe more as a person.

5 “The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS”

Season 5, Episode 4

10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (7)

After Joey plans to go on a telethon, an old vendetta of Phoebe’s comes to life as she remembers an incident that occurred with Sesame Street when she was younger. Betting Phoebe that she can’t find a selfless good deed, she sets out to prove Joey wrong. Phoebe is stubborn and has her own sense of beliefs she does not plan to waver from, as she shows when Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) buys decor from the Pottery Barn.

Setting out on the journey trying to do good deeds only ends in silliness, like letting a bee sting her so that it can look tough in front of his friends. The episode shows where great writing and performing come together to work seamlessly. Kudrow brings a sincerity to the words that elevate the little moments to become bigger laughs.

4 “The One With The Cat”

Season 4, Episode 2

10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (8)

Feeling bad for spending time with her biological mom, Phoebe attaches herself to a cat that she believes is her mother reincarnate. Everyone understands that Phoebe is just being herself and needs time, but Ross is hung up on Phoebe's thought process.

Ross is the only one that wants to burst Phoebe’s bubble and when he does, she makes Ross apologize to the cat. It is hard to break news to someone, but in this episode Phoebe teaches a lesson in regard to our own imagination and minds. The way Phoebe makes the other characters around her question their understanding is one of the best parts about her. Her behavior in all capacities here is amusing and whimsical, which will make viewers giggle most of the episode.

3 “The One With Phoebe’s Wedding”

Season 10, Episode 12

10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (9)

The time for Phoebe’s wedding had come with chaos all around. The episode becomes a lovely ode to Phoebe and Mike’s relationship, but not before putting Phoebe through it. Monica becomes obsessive about planning the wedding, leading to her getting fired and all responsibilities fall on Phoebe. But just as they work out the kinks, Manhattan is hit by the largest snowstorm in twenty years.

As true friends, they rally together to troubleshoot a wedding outside Central Perk and carry on with the ceremony anyway. The moment is a sweet one for Phoebe as she never had a family like the rest of the characters. Her chosen family was it, so to see her end up marrying someone as silly as Mike is a sweet sentiment and a happy place to know where her character will end up.

2 “The One With The Giant Poking Device”

Season 3, Episode 8

10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (10)

When Phoebe gets a toothache she is hesitant to go to the dentist to get it fixed. Why? Apparently, every time she has gone someone has died. Worried about her friends, she puts it off till the pain is too much. She makes an appointment and spends the rest of the episode making sure everyone around her is still alive. On top of it all, it gives way to one of the sweetest scenes between Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow as they sing "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie.

Being in Phoebe’s world allows for the extraordinary to happen; you’re able to be a kid again or believe you have a curse. She brings the utmost silliness to the show. And thanks to Kudrow's ability to understand Phoebe's antics, the character becomes that much more real and someone fans can resonate with. Her serious nature behind the comedic writing invites you in to laugh at something a little absurd.

1 “The One With the Thumb”

Season 1, Episode 3

10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (11)

A real introduction to Phoebe’s character comes quickly in the show when her quirky ideologies come into play. Her ordeal begins when her bank gives her an extra five hundred dollars in her account. Another mix-up results in Phoebe with a thousand dollars and a portable football phone. Unable to deal with the guilty conscience that will come along, she does all she can to get rid of it. However, after she finds a thumb in a soda can, which results in her getting seven thousand dollars.

This is a perfect intro to the principles of Phoebe. Throughout the show, she holds the unique set of morals and ethics that she sets for herself. Not eating meat or wearing fur coats, Phoebe was a true hippie Liberal in the making. Her care towards the universe and the karma that comes from it sets the tone of Kudrow’s character for the rest of the show.

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10 Best Phoebe Episodes in 'Friends,' Ranked (2024)


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